About Us.

Community Foundation of San Joaquin believes philanthropic giving should be easy and as effective as possible. We are a public charity ready to serve people of the community who share a common concern – improving the quality of life in San Joaquin County.

The Foundation offers individuals, families, businesses, and organizations the opportunity to create funds to help the community meet the growing demands and challenges of the time. The foundation invests, administers, and distributes these funds through multiple grants. Many of the grants given out each year go to humanitarian, educational, and cultural organizations in the county.

What We Do

A community foundation is a tax exempt public charity that enables donors to establish charitable funds. Your funds will be comingled with other funds and will be managed professionally so that its assets will grow over time. It is encouraged that fund holders, their families, friends, and colleagues continue to invest in the fund so growth is maximized. Upon your request and in accordance with your interests, grants will be awarded from your fund to support local non-profit organizations.

Like all community foundations, we are overseen by a Board of Directors, comprised of active community members and professionals whose interests lie in the common good of the community and what it needs to flourish. As well as making grants, the foundation identifies current and emerging issues, stimulates resources to address needs and helps our county prepare for the future. Community foundations are one of the fastest growing areas of philanthropy because of their ability to reach directly to the community.

The Community Foundation of San Joaquin provides leadership, promotes a culture of giving, and cultivates resources that address the needs of our community.

Why choose the Community Foundation?

As active members of the community, we are aware of what it needs. The broad cross-section of leaders who guide the foundation’s work lend valuable insight that will help your charitable giving receive maximum results.

Tax Benefits

The IRS considers the foundation a public charity which means contributions are eligible for the highest available tax deductions.

Common Interests

The Foundation is here to connect you to issues in the community you care about the most. We are committed to giving the best service to donors that hold the common belief – caring citizens are vital to the well-being of the community.

Set up and Administration

We make it easy and do everything for you.

The Future

Setting up a fund benefits the future of the community and gives you the opportunity to create a legacy.

The foundation will show you how easy, flexible, and effective charitable giving can be.

Whether you know what organization you would like to support or not, we can help make a suitable program for your charitable giving and interests that will last a lifetime. You can make a difference by giving something back to the community that helped you get where you are today.

As a promise of our commitment to excellence and accountability, we meet the most rigorous standards in philanthropy. Our accreditation by the Council on Foundations provides assurance that we have sound policies and practices in place.